Educators spend a lifetime learning a variety of skills to better their practice. The Institute’s micro-credentials provide them an opportunity to earn recognition for the specific skills and competencies they have learned throughout their careers. These micro-credentials focus on specific skills related to learner-centered practice. Educators enroll, submit the required evidence of learning, and have it assessed by a trained reviewer, who will determine if the evidence meets established criteria.

Contact us if your district is interested in offering micro-credentials to staff at a larger scale.

  • Using the Honeycomb as a Change Strategy
  • Standards Guided Learning
  • Personal Learning Goals
  • Learner Profile
  • Proficiency Based Progress
  • Customized Learning Paths
  • Understanding a Learner Centered Design
  • Learner Voice Infused
  • Shared Commitment to Success
  • Learner as a Resource
  • Learner Independence

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Monica Sepic
Program Specialist