Visit schools where you can see this powerful learning strategy first-hand. Personalized Learning in Action is a unique experience designed to provide access to learner-centered classrooms and programs in Southeastern Wisconsin. The agenda includes professional learning time to help visitors process what they see and leave with concrete strategies for implementing learner-centered practices in their classroom, school or district.

After registration, you will receive information to help you select the schools you want to visit. Build your own agenda from a list of available sites at the elementary, middle or high school level.

Visit Options

Three visit options are available to meet the needs of your team:

  • Option A: One Full Day, Day 1 Only (Two site visits, facilitated discussion, and lunch)
  • Option B: Full Day on Day 1 / Visits Only on Day 2 (Four site visits, facilitated discussion, and lunch on Day 1)
  • Option C: Two Full Days (Four site visits, facilitated discussion, design session and lunch on both days)

Schedule Details

What visitors are saying...

"School staff were very informative, helpful, and open. Students were engaged, involved and invested."

"I got so many wonderful ideas and really saw what it could look and feel like back in our building."

"This model made me feel like personalized learning was feasible for our school."

SE Wisconsin

May 9-10, 2023


Melissa Dunham
Program Specialist


Each site will alert you to specific guidelines they have regarding the capture of still and/or video images and the inclusion of students. Regardless of this policy, these images should be used in good faith for your private use only and not used or shared publicly anywhere on the web, electronically or in print.