Leading Learner-Centered Education

Looking for ways to scale learner-centered practices in your district? If so, this cohort is for you! The Leading Learner-Centered Education cohort focuses on achieving educational equity for ALL learners through intentional, leadership actions that will empower leaders and educators. It encompasses a two-day cohort experience followed by virtual coaching sessions with Institute staff and wraps up with a showcase of learning.

As part of the learning experience, participants will reflect on their practice to build their shared context, define common language and shared meaning, and develop their “why.” Teams will conduct a root cause analysis, resulting in a theory of action that includes success measures and strategies to empower learners. The additional coaching and benchmark sessions will allow teams to continue the planning process and share growth.

Teams are encouraged to repeat the Leading Learner-Centered Education process and structure as they continue to implement and iterate on their plan.

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