Launching Learner-Centered Practice

This design thinking experience provides intentional collaboration among groups that are working to implement learner-centered practice in their classroom/school/district. Cohorts work as a community of practitioners to follow the design thinking process as they work to bring learner-centered practices to their environment. Participants also have the opportunity to join a Field Experience day to visit learner-centered environments and see the work in action.

This opportunity is open to any interested district but may be most appropriate for school-based teams that want continued support over an extended period of time using a structured process.  Successful implementation of personalized learning typically involves a team working together in conjunction with a supportive administrator. Therefore, participants are encouraged to be part of a team; we strongly encourage one member of the team to be an administrator.

Participants will:

  • Learn and share with other educational practitioners about personalized learning implementation
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm topics specific to personalized learning
  • Expand their network of educators immersed or interested in learner-centered practices.
  • Hear from an experienced panel of educators

Interested in participating in a cohort?

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